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Howlin' Wolf Records is very proud to present THE DEAD by British Indian Film Composer and Music Producer Imran Ahmad (composer for the award winning documentary MAYOMI). THE DEAD directed by The Ford Brothers, Howard and Jonathan Ford, is an acclaimed and unique zombie film shot on location in West Africa, which follows the journey of an American mercenary/engineer and an African militia officer as they struggle to survive a zombie pandemic and reconnect with family amidst a world in chaos and turmoil. The music for THE DEAD is a hauntingly, beautiful score composed by Imran Ahmad, rich with percussion, flutes, and acoustic ancestral textures provided by Gambian kora player Jally Kebba Susso with stirring and evocative chants/vocals by Eritrean singer Saba Tewelde.

For a VERY limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Imran Ahmad. This offer is only available while very limited supplies last.

THE DEAD is packaged in a jewel case with full color inserts, featuring an 8-page booklet with beautiful artwork and designs created by visual artist and designer Luis M. Rojas, including notes from the composer Imran Ahmad and biographies for featured artists Jally Kebba Susso and Saba Tewelde.

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

THE DEAD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album Running Time: 64 mins 44 secs

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Theme from THE DEAD 2:50
02 The Desert 2:41
03 Evacuation 2:10
04 Burning Village
05 Plane Crash 1:49
06 The Beach 4:05
07 Hope I 1:30
08 Into the Fields 0:25
09 Spirit Released 0:56
10 The Car 3:49
11 Saved 3:21
12 Refugees 1:20
13 Forsaken 2:02
14 The Airport 2:16
15 Zombies in the Night I 1:07
16 Friendship 0:56
17 Safe Haven 2:02
18 The Chief 2:00
19 Hope II 0:28
20 Dream 0:49
21 This Water is All We Have 1:53
22 The Well 1:12
23 Zombies in the Night II 0:58
24 Do You Have Family? 1:58
25 Campfire Attack 3:48
26 The Baby 3:07
27 The Devil's Claw 2:15
28 Journey to the North 4:17
29 Nowhere Left to Go 1:29
30 Hope III 1:30
31 End Credits 3:02