THE CRY music by Dean Parker

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Howlin' Wolf Records is pleased to present a hauntingly, atmospheric score by Dean Parker, music producer and performer living in New York City. In addition to The Cry, Dean’s composing credits include the films Anne B. Real, The Unseen and television series on HBO, PBS, and Bravo. He is currently working on Bernadine Santistevan’s Wolf Dog. As assistant to film composer Carter Burwell, Dean works regularly on major motion pictures, most recently True Grit, Twilight and The Blind Side. Dean also roams the clubs of the Lower Manhattan with his bass-playing poetry-spewing character The Bass Player from Hand Job. The Cry is the 2007 feature film directorial debut by Bernadine Santistevan inspired by the Latin American legend of La Llorona.

The Cry Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a very exclusive limited edition pressing of 500 CDs and has a running time of over 70 minutes. The Cry also features a recording of La Llorona performed by Del Castillo and Patricia Vonne. For a limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website for THE CRY will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Dean Parker and director Bernadine Santistevan. This offer is available while supplies last.

Copies of THE CRY are also available for sale through Movie Music Store • Screen Archives Entertainment

THE CRY features beautiful cover art and layout designs by Luis M. Rojas.

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

THE CRY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Limited Edition of 500
Score Running Time: 73 mins

Track Title Time Track Title Time
01 The Crying Woman 2:56 18 Fear Is Here 0:57
02 Perspective Part 1 2:36 19 Thrust Into Hell 1:04
03 No Sight 0:47 20 River Reveal 1:07
04 The Cry Part 1 6:10 21 My Son 1:55
05 Scott and Rob Toth 0:45 22 Angel 1:13
06 The Cry Three 3:01 23 The Message Part 1 5:45
07 Crossing 1:14 24 Seek and Find 2:16
08 Ice Cream 2:48 25 Water Return 1:49
09 Perspective Part 2 1:26 26 Ambient Mist 2:30
10 Lullaby 3:07 27 Dead Drunks 0:42
11 Missing 0:36 28 Remember 3:07
12 Curly Hair 1:07 29 The Gorge 2:00
13 Ascension 3:02 30 Interlace 5:44
14 Family 0:27 31 The Message Part 2 1:30
15 Saw A Witch 0:37 32 La Llorona (Instrumental) 3:06
16 This Happened 1:33 33 The Cry Part 2 0:44
17 Took A Life 0:25 34 The Ballad of La Llorona Fe
          •Performed by Del Castillo and Patricia Vonne