TETRO ROUGE - Two Disc Set - music by Pablo Croissier

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Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present a Two-Disc Set for Pablo Crossier's score for TETRO ROUGE. Pablo Croissier is from the Atlantic Canary Islands, Spain, but currently calls Los Angeles home. He is a classically-trained composer who has scored soundtracks for a variety of film styles, ranging from fast-paced action flicks to modernized Westerns. His work has been heard both on the concert stage, with his first symphony performed in the US in 2012, and in worldwide trailers and national commercials for blue chip brands such as Toyota. Recently Croissier was honored with a "Best Song" award by the Society of Composers and Lyricists of America and accepted into the prestigious Los Angeles Mentor Program for the fall 2016 term. He is currently working on his next feature score THE ESPADRILLO FORTUNE.

TETRO ROUGE is set in a future without electricity and features Skye a young woman with a mysterious map from her father on a quest to save mankind through a post-apocalyptic world. Croissier crafts a score with a vision to express nature musically, reflecting the majesty of the Swiss Alps. The score includes a beautiful cello solo, hauting vocals, and ranges in thematic material from soft and gentle to militaristic, organized, and heroic ...but always grand and sweeping to convey the scope of the world and the perils faced by the characters in the film.

The TETRO ROUGE Two Disc Set, includes a 12 page booklet with in depth liner notes and theme analysis by the composer, as well as notes by Tetro Rouge Director Luis Ventura and Score Mixer Zavosh Rad. The artwork includes vivid full color designs by graphic artist Luis M. Rojas. For a limited time, all orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Pablo Croissier.

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

TETRO ROUGE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Two Disc Set
Album Running Time
Disc One: 54 mins
Disc Two: 59 mins

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Bern It Up 2:59
02 Guagua 3:05
03 Let's Act 2:54
04 Fingerprints
05 Last Dance 6:06
06 Horse Power 2:10
07 Loud Silence 1:54
08 Green Power 2:48
09 Descend 1:10
10 Bridge 1:34
11 Secrets 2:30
12 Sky 1:13
13 Coordinates 2:05
14 Sector A 1:37
15 Hide and Seek 3:21
16 Deep Roots 3:44
17 Somber Burial 3:09
18 Run Forest 1:36
19 Tetro's Bar 2:31
20 Seedless 6:02
01 Run Again 3:05
02 Junted 4:51
03 Mark the Trail 2:57
04 Low Clouds 3:48
05 Meaning 0:54
06 Alone 3:47
07 Momentum 3:18
08 Mercenaries 1:08
09 Dark Sky 2:38
10 Father's Memories 1:46
11 Prelude to a Dance 4:33
12 Smog 3:25
13 Revelations 4:45
14 No Coal 1:18
15 Ambush 3:03
16 The End (alternate) 1:53
17 Bern It Up - reel eight (bonus track) 11:54