PHASE 7 by Guillermo Guareschi

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Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present the score for PHASE 7 (aka FASE 7) by Argentinian composer Guillermo Guareschi. Writer/Director Nicolás Goldbart's apocalyptic horror/satire film, PHASE 7, mixes horror, humor, gore, and social commentary for a novel end of the world film filled with fragile alliances and pitting neighbor against neighbor for resources and survival. With a limited theatrical release in the U.S. during the Summer of 2011 and now available on DVD by Bloody Disgusting, PHASE 7 (aka FASE 7) stars Daniel Hendler, Jazmín Stuart, Yayo Guridi, and Federico Luppi.

Composer Guillermo Guareschi combines the use of live instruments and custom made samples to produce a synth driven score reminscent of great synth scores from the 80's for PHASE 7. ***PHASE 7 is a limited edition pressing of 1000 units.

For a limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composer Guillermo Guareschi. This offer is available only while very limited supplies last.

Copies of PHASE 7 are additionally available for purchase from the following film score retail sites: Movie Music Store • Screen Archives Entertainment • Tarantula Records (Germany)

Composer Biography

Born in Buenos Aires, Guillermo Guareschi discovered his passion for music while studying architecture at the age of 20. At that time he began to study classical counterpoint and composition, piano and guitar, jazz, tango and folklore. He moved to Boston where he graduated from Berklee College Of Music with honors, specializing in film scoring and orchestration. Guillermo then moved to Los Angeles where he won several scholarships including the prestigious BMI Film Scoring Competition award in 1995. Earle Hagen, Mike Post, Dave Spear and Fred Karlin personally taught him advanced scoring techniques and orchestration. He wrote the music for many successful Argentinian TV series such as: Los Simuladores, Montecristo, Hermanos y Detectives and for the blockbuster feature films Tiempo de Valientes and Musica en Espera, both nominated "Condor de Plata" for Best Score.

With orchestral works such as "Esferas" and "Random Walk," written for full symphony orchestra, Guillermo is recognized as an emerging contemporary composer in Argentina and abroad.

His rock band "LOBO" was featured in the prime time drama Montecristo and the movie Los Paranoicos. Guillermo is currently composing for films, television, and orchestra. He works from his studio in Buenos Aires for local and international projects.

PHASE 7 features beautiful cover art and layout designs created by Luis M. Rojas.

PHASE 7 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score Running Time: 49 mins

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Main Title 1:15
02 Lobby Reunion 2:17
03 The Neighbour 3:00
04 Light Bulbs 1:39
05 Strange Flat 2:31
06 Explore 2:18
07 Zenith 0:58
08 Sanuto 3:07
09 Killing Of The Swan 2:12
10 No Life 3:18
11 The Mirror 2:54
12 Heavy Vault 2:15
13 Doomsday Garage 2:25
14 The Freezer 1:48
15 Blues In Phase 2:17
16 B-Witch 2:02
17 Incidental Phase 0:47
18 Bug From The City 2:17
19 Shooter 1:27
20 Terrace 2:32
21 Face The World 4:51