LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD music by Bruno Valenti

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Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD by composer Bruno Valenti.

Bruno Valenti studied both orchestration and film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, along with advanced studies of scoring techniques and orchestral conducting at UCLA. In addition, Valenti continued studying orchestration at the Film Music Institute with veteran orchestrator Steven Scott Smalley (ROBOCOP, BATMAN, JUDGE DREDD, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, among others).
With 12 years of experience as a composer and orchestrator, Bruno Valenti is emerging as a highly respected composer of music for film, TV and digital media, having worked with both established and emerging talents throughout the industry. His versatility as a composer and his distinctive original approach to film music is on full display through each of his current and past projects.

Valenti has composed music for projects that are as diverse as the mediums they were produced for, including the romantic indie comedy MAC DADDY AND THE LOVERS, the canadian action/adventure web series THE PROTECTOR CHRONICLES and ONE HIT DIE. Season 2 of ONE HIT DIE has been expanded to create the feature film LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD.

LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD is a very limited edition pressing of only 300 CDs and features a note from the composer and art designs by Luis Miguel Rojas, who also coproduced the album.

legend of the lich lord presentation

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LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Album Running Time: 39 mins.

Legend of the Lich Lord Into 0:31
Main Titles 1:14
Nerrena Meets the Lich Lord 0:42
Emotional Willard
Shade Knight First Encounter 0:42
Sasha Falls in Love 0:17
Elf Loops 1:12
Wandering the Forest 0:39
Slaughter of Zombies 1:23
Shade Knight Confronts the Elf 0:56
Teddy Bear 0:55
Azharus Demonized 1:03
Walking Troubled Through the Forest 0:18
Shade Knight Theme 1:07
Sexy Love 1:21
Morning 0:21
Determined March 0:26
Inspiring 0:24
Showdown 0:50
Sasha Fights 1:18
Holden's Death 0:25
Sasha Kills Holden 0:26
Drunken Master 0:43
Finishing Battles 0:26
Ominous to Team 0:30
End Credits 3:38
Legend of the Lich Lord Outro 0:46
If the Trees Could Talk: Abigail's Chase 2:44
If the Trees Could Talk: At the Farm 2:28
If the Trees Could Talk: Credits 3:55
Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure: Happy Ending 2:27
Sugar Skull Man: Suite 3:12