CYBORG The Director's Cut music by Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad

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Howlin' Wolf Records is excited to present a very special release, the Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad score for the newly recovered unrated Director's Cut of the 1989 Albert Pyun feature film CYBORG. The Director's Cut features a never before heard score that was the originally composed back in 1988 for Albert Pyun's much darker vision of CYBORG, which was never released...until now. For a limited time, orders placed on the Howlin' Wolf Records website will ship with an additional insert booklet autographed by composers Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad. This offer is available only while very limited supplies last.

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Biography: The Musical Collaboration between Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad
Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad met as kids growing up in Santa Barbara, California and performed together in bands starting in the late 60's and continuing on well into the 80's. The two formed the band Calliope in 1968 and later the new wave rock group Sue Saad And The Next. Sue Saad And The Next released a billboard charting album and performed songs recorded for the Sci Fi films LOOKER (1981) and Albert Pyun’s RADIOACTIVE DREAMS (1986). The film RADIOACTIVE DREAMS spawned the creative alliance between director Albert Pyun and musician/songwriter/composers Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad – a collaboration that would last through numerous projects including VICIOUS LIPS (1987), ALIEN FROM L.A. (1988), CYBORG (1989), DECEIT (1989), and KICKBOXER 2: THE ROAD BACK (1990). While Jim Saad departed the collaboration with co-composer Tony Riparetti and director Albert Puyn for other projects, Riparetti and Pyun to this day remain close creative and collaborative partners, working on countless films including OMEGA DOOM (1996), MEAN GUNS (1997), POSTMORTEM (1997), INVASION (2005), LEFT FOR DEAD (2007), and the upcoming TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE (2011).

CYBORG The Director's Cut features beautiful cover art and layout designs by Luis M. Rojas.

CYBORG The Director's Cut Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score Running Time: 60 mins

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Click on highlighted tracks below to hear excerpts from select score cues.

Track Track Title Running Time
01 Main Titles 2:43
02 The Bridge 0:33
03 Into New York 3:59
04 The Cyborg 0:57
05 Gibs Buried 1:39
06 Gibs Resurrection 0:48
07 Lost And Found 1:55 
08 Knife Sharpening 2:53
09 Bloody Ball  2:06
10 Factory Fight 3:26
11 Yin And Yang 1:16
12 Beach Flashback 4:28
13 Dock to Granary 3:02
14 Granary Fight 2:40
15 Fender And Gibs Fight 7:41
16 The Sewer 3:16
17 Running Thru The Marsh 4:35
18 On The Cross 5:34
19 Atlanta 2:36
20 End Titles 4:11